The Last Five Years Official UK Trailer #1 (2015) – Anna Kendrick Movie HD

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Video title from youtube: The Last Five Years Official UK Trailer #1 (2015) – Anna Kendrick Movie HD

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25 Responses

  1. author

    Gabriel Tzukishiro8 years ago

    Why is people obsessed with what Anna does with her life? Why do you care
    so much if she does musicals a lot? If I had that voice and that fame, I’d
    only do musicals.

  2. author

    Shayla Hall8 years ago

    I don’t see what all of the negativity is about… this looks amazing to
    me! I love musicals and Anna Kendrick is fabulous and I think if she wants
    to continue doing musicals she can(: I heard she got her start on Broadway?

  3. author

    HeyItsMike8 years ago

    Pitch Perfect for hipsters.

  4. author

    JLongbone8 years ago

    I’m already sick of Anna Kendricks singing in her movies. Take a breath,
    space these roles out, damn.

  5. author

    ItsJustGabi8 years ago

    Super excited. I love the Broadway show. My MUSICAL NERDYNESS IS GOING TO
    EXPLODE. Can’t wait to hear the full version of summer in Ohio my favourite
    song. Plus is that Betsy Wolfe as the ‘stripper’?

  6. author

    Angie Barr8 years ago

    As horrible as the casting was in Les Mis..I gave the director Tom Hooper
    HUGE kudos for filming the cast singing LIVE. Since then, I cringe every
    time I see someone lip-sync on screen. I keep thinking, “We know you can
    sing…so SING for christ sakes!”. Live theatre has spoiled me and has Tom
    Hooper and his brilliant idea. The rest of Hollywood needs to get off
    their asses and let their performers PERFORM!

  7. author

    Marcelo Azocar8 years ago

    So Anna is singing in another movie ? How about that. Pitch perfect And now
    this movie ! 

  8. author

    marios istambul8 years ago

    i would rather see wet paint dry, than this movie.

  9. author

    BBPT4life8 years ago

    Why is everyone talking about Anna Kendrick when Jeremy Jordan is there
    like a god. 😍😍

  10. author

    Pippa Longstockings8 years ago

    I have replayed this trailer about 20 times purely for the first part where
    Anna is singing the ‘I’m still hurting’ song. Bloody gorgous!

  11. author

    Advenassaurus Silva8 years ago

    Am I the only one who finds her unatractive?

  12. author

    SPooner8 years ago

    So like what is a tony award? Should I be impressed by it?

  13. author

    Shayne Adeline8 years ago

    Zac and Vanessa would have been perfect for this

  14. author

    reza rahnama8 years ago

    why people think anna kendricks voice is good? shes not a good singer….

  15. author

    steffi grace8 years ago

    she can sing, but shes not really a great or unique singer. tbh

  16. author

    dfsnsdfn8 years ago

    The reason Anna sings in her movies is because she was high experienced in
    musical theatre before she started doing movies (much like Julie Andrews
    for example). She was also nominated for a Tony Award when she was just 12
    making her one of the youngest people ever nominated, so there is no
    denying her talent.

  17. author

    Junebug Harrison8 years ago

    Jeremy Jordan as Jamie! No matter how sad this musical is, I’ll see it just
    for him. 

  18. author

    Hogan Wang8 years ago

    Not that I don’t like it nor is it necessarily a bad thing but… is she
    going to sing in all the movies afterwards?

  19. author

    Xie leigh8 years ago

    OMG!!! this is the worst ending I ever see in a movie uughhhhhhh the

  20. author

    daisypizza8 years ago

    sorry but her voice just doesnt suit musicals

  21. author

    Toribom8 years ago

    So now Anna Kendrick can only do musicals… interesting 

  22. author

    dmf13018 years ago

    I had no idea that a musical like this would ever be made into a film! I
    hope that it’s fairly true to the original musical. It will be interesting
    to see if it works, as there are only 2 people in the whole musical…
    There is only once or twice in the musical where I can imagine they MIGHT
    put someone in the movie, for a character that is mentioned in the musical,
    but doesn’t appear because the central story is about Cathy and Jamie.

  23. author

    1314Lermanlover8 years ago

    This movie is absolutely amazing! It made me cry laugh and sing all at the
    same time!! Highly recommended 

  24. author

    JulietRoseCapulet7778 years ago

    Honestly; I used to love romance and musicals and never completely stopped
    but after so much pain and loss I became ironic and bitter and never went
    into anything positively or wanting it out loud so I wouldn’t embarrass
    myself when I wasn’t good enough for it or someone. In recent events when I
    actually had someone and I swore I’d never let anyone do it but he BROKE my
    heart and left me, I was surprised when I begrudgingly saw this musical. It
    really helped me understand and to anyone like me in any way, give it a
    shot. It might help you understand the complexity of relationships from
    joy, loss, lust, frustration, sadness, confusion, rekindling,
    understanding, and everything in between. Go for it. 

  25. author

    Karla Criss Rivera8 years ago

    gotta love musicals.


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