Maximum Overdrive – Shitcase Cinema review

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Video title from youtube: Maximum Overdrive – Shitcase Cinema review

Video description: A look at Maximum Overdrive. For (im)mature audiences only. Please note all reviews are very tongue in cheek and not serious, which alot of people seem to overlook.

Video Rating in Youtube: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. author

    The Bladed Brony !!!8 years ago

    Stephen King actually went on record saying he was drugged up on cocaine
    the entire he was writing and directing this film. kind of makes sense
    don’t it

  2. author

    DudeOfDiamonds DOD8 years ago


    Why does Angus Young have Malcolm Youngs guitar?…

  3. author

    Jamie Downs8 years ago

    We made you

  4. author

    bottle2lip8 years ago

    no cars killed anyone in this movie

  5. author

    Sable Ferret8 years ago

    This machine called me asshole lol greatest line ever

  6. author

    Enigmahoodie8 years ago

    Dude you forgot at 9.50 Gus was in this movie. He was the guy how got fried
    by the arcade machine.

  7. author

    ProjectBojinka958 years ago

    why didn’t the weather satellite get taken over and fire its laser cannons
    and nukes at the planet XD or simply not let the nukes be fired at the UFO

  8. author

    ProjectBojinka958 years ago

    I love your review of this lol inspired me to watch it again

  9. author

    Epic8 years ago

    I like your theme song I need to get a theme song for my show

  10. author

    DeathMetalWarrior19918 years ago

    Watching shitcasecinema videos never gets old. i like this movie for some

  11. author

    Dan Warren8 years ago

    Pure black comedy gold. I think King was either having a big joke on the
    audience or is completely insane. Maybe a bit of both. Schizoid

  12. author

    Lee Croft8 years ago

    Is it me or is this like an early attempt at making a live action
    Transformers movie but the didn’t have the budget to have them transform
    and just made everything pissed off.

  13. author

    InvisibleGunslinger18 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE the intro song, this is by far my fav review of yours so
    far john. I saw this movie super late at night and thought it was just
    silly cause I was super tired, glad to see that it wasn’t just me. Truely a
    fantastic reviewer you are :DD

  14. author

    roadwolf28 years ago

    This movie is a dream for people who love 2 stroke diesels

  15. author

    Iggy Hazard8 years ago

    The anti-technology message of this movie doesn’t really come across 100%
    clearly since we find out at the end that it was aliens that used our own
    machines as a weapon to exterminate us. That’s more anti-alien (xenophobia
    much, Stephen?) than anti-technology. It’s an economical concept, though,
    and unique for alien warfare. Why waste your own resources when you can
    turn your enemies’ vehicles and motorized tools again them? There’s another
    King film called ‘Trucks’ that sucks much worse.

  16. author

    Jack James8 years ago

    @shitcasecinema every saturday?! sick… i made all my friends watch the
    “tales in the hood” one and then we went and watched it on youtube. lolol.

  17. author

    Eastside Pictures8 years ago

    this is like happy wheels the movie

  18. author

    MightyZumba238 years ago

    @shitcasecinema Hahaha Awsome review dude i love this movie

  19. author

    Emma Quinn8 years ago

    Why can’t I find a review for “killer clowns from outer space”….would
    have thought that would top kill joy lol

  20. author

    pechkin1008 years ago

    o/ Awesome u did it. Love ya reviews John. Keep em coming mate… btw r u
    a guinness drinker at all?

  21. author

    animebeerandcake8 years ago

    That guy looks like a young mike douglas.

  22. author

    Victor Hernandez8 years ago

    You really obsessed with Zardoz, aren’t you?

  23. author

    GunHed178 years ago

    Ahhhh… a true classic. I think I may have asked for this one a while
    back? Saw it at the drive-in on its initial release… piece o crap then,
    piece o crap now. Found it in the Wal-Mart bins for $4. Thanks for the
    review… you should simply roll through a ton of the Stephen King films
    that you haven’t covered yet, both good and bad. Cheers!

  24. author

    Billy Goat8 years ago

    This is by far one of my favorite reviews.

  25. author

    DarklordDaUnicorn DaThird8 years ago

    @pechkin100 Rrrright…ok so where do they live then?


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