Manos – Shitcase Cinema review

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Video title from youtube: Manos – Shitcase Cinema review

Video description: A look at Manos: The Hands of Fate. For (im)mature audiences only. Please note all reviews are very tongue in cheek and not serious, which alot of people seem to overlook.

Video Rating in Youtube: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. author

    wayne morris8 years ago

    John Reynolds (the actor playing Torgo) shot himself in the head with a
    shotgun months before the movie premiere. You goon! Also, this entire film
    was made for a bet by the bloke playing the dad. Wikipedia has an entire
    page of pointless info, plus a Blu ray restoration is on its way!!!!! 

  2. author

    CoolioAdventures8 years ago

    Fun fact: the actor who played torgo was on LSD the entire time 

  3. author

    BelatedCommiseration8 years ago

    Only seen this film on the MST3K riff…but even without the riffing I
    definitely think Torgo is the star! He just makes the whole film for me
    with his gimpy pseudo faun/cripple legs and his random
    pronouncements…absolutely hilarious and I think he would be well worth
    making a shitcase legend! I think I read the guy who played him developed
    knee problems from the apparatus he on his legs for the part of torgo and
    killed himself shortly after the film was made…which is probably not
    surprising really.

  4. author

    godzilla9648 years ago

    I think this movie should have a remake. 

  5. author

    dmcdarkknight8 years ago

    I find it gobsmacking that i created a better film with my mum than
    this……when i was sixq

  6. author

    Victor Hernandez8 years ago

    Here’s a movie I dare you to watch.
    “Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny”
    It’s so awful, you’ll want to gouge your eyes out after the first two

  7. author

    SpikeJet27368 years ago

    thank god for mystery science theater 3000 or else I would’ve never been
    able to sit through this movie

  8. author

    burexasiromm8 years ago

    You should review ‘Santa Claus conquers the martians’

  9. author

    Dead Corpse8 years ago

    lovely stuff! (stepheng) of foreverdelayed

  10. author

    ultimatepie278 years ago

    you need to review this hilarious shitty movie called cobra vs komodo it
    was hilarious

  11. author

    sfighter9918 years ago

    :/ Manos? More like “High School Special:The Movie”.

  12. author

    brentan milpeter8 years ago

    manos= zardoz!!!!

  13. author

    GunHed178 years ago

    This was so painful to watch… I don’t know how you would even subject
    yourself to this for a shitty review. With material this bad to work with,
    it’s hard to even produce an entertaining review. Farking shit this is bad.
    This made Camp Blood look ‘AMAZING’! (at least you were able to add some
    Zardoz footage for 10 seconds)

  14. author

    Keeponrockin4048 years ago

    Did you know that the actor who played Targo really was drunk during

  15. author

    David McColl8 years ago

    Makes a Godfrey Ho film seem like something by Ridley Scott in comparison.
    I’d read Manos described as one of the worst movies ever made and after
    seeing this review, I’m inclined to agree!

  16. author

    thittdc8 years ago

    your the best

  17. author

    tsartodd8 years ago

    joel, this is going to be a snuff film! XD

  18. author

    Ariel Popperl8 years ago

    Ok, please do the room in the foreseable future john, that movie is a must
    for Shitcase cinema. PS: Also the shadowchaser saga is a must too,
    specially after Cyborg Cop 3, no wait “Terminal Impact”, ok Billy XD.

  19. author

    wieprz8 years ago

    @IggyHazard of course they are and few others but this is shitcasecinema,

  20. author

    RaidMaster Productions8 years ago

    In the recent MLP episode today, Twilight should have shown the crowd of
    Pinkies this movie instead of paint drying!

  21. author

    Derek Huey8 years ago

    we love you shitcase cinema!

  22. author

    Masticina Akicta8 years ago

    @PunkR4wk3r Ah a survivor how… unfortunate. Still so nice to see a
    friendly face here. Join us around the fire?

  23. author

    mokey tah8 years ago

    no, i think tongue should be taken out of cheek.John Reynolds (Torgo)
    really killed himself a month before the films release. at least he had the
    common sense to get out fast. pretty pathetic. it can only be watched to
    get out of a date faster, or skip the flick and get to the sex. or watch it
    with mst3k commentary, and now you got something.

  24. author

    Victor Hernandez8 years ago

    It’s called polygamy and there’s a penalty for that; you get more than one

  25. author

    Iggy Hazard8 years ago

    @wieprz Have you seen Crimewave? Sam Raimi divorced him name from that
    film, but I love it! It was a collaboration between the Super Coen Bros.
    and the Super Raimi Bros.


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