Jurassic World Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson Movie HD

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Video title from youtube: Jurassic World Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson Movie HD

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25 Responses

  1. author

    Maggie Tidwell8 years ago

    Anyone else feel the tingles shoot down their spine?

  2. author

    RadarFilms8 years ago

    Cinemasins will have a field day when this comes out…

  3. author

    Bianca lo8 years ago

    Would watch just for Chris Pratt tho…

  4. author

    Ashneel Singh8 years ago

    ╠╬╬╬╣OK! WHO ATE MY

  5. author

    Peter Quill8 years ago

    What kind of parents send their kids to an island filled with dinosaurs and
    a terrible workplace safety record?

  6. author

    Brandon Xing8 years ago


  7. author

    gray738 years ago

    Looks stupid. Who the hell sends the kids to death island and then tries to
    get them back. Either you want them dead for the insurance money or not. 

  8. author

    Diadlo8 years ago

    Parents of the year!!!
    ”Let’s send our children on an island full of dinosaur without any adult
    to supervise them”

  9. author

    emilnyb8 years ago

    What? I think it was gonna be a continuation of the story, not a reboot!
    The first film is too good to be rebooted, why did they have to do this?

  10. author

    Andrew Driscoll8 years ago

    Let me start by saying “Jurassic Park” is my favorite film of all time. And
    I don’t want to judge a movie solely by its trailer, but to be honest the
    acting doesn’t impress me. With so much time between films, could they not
    have picked better actors? So I get it, they create a big bad dino, it
    escapes, tears up the park, kills people. Then the few main characters
    escape the island. Where’s the originality? I hope I am wrong for judging
    this trailer, but I just don’t have a good feeling about this. 

  11. author

    sonpacho8 years ago

    How does this park keep getting permission to open? You would think after
    the first few incidents the least that would’ve been done is an
    international law banning the cloning of dinosaurs.

  12. author

    John Smith8 years ago

    A couple of thoughts after watching the trailer.
    Chris Pratt…. Yes
    Dinosaurs looked more realistic in Jurassic Park and that was made in 93.
    Why is Chris Pratt driving a motorcycle alongside raptors at the end. That
    ruined the trailer or me.
    Overall I’m excited for a new Jurassic Park Movie, I hope they don’t ruin

  13. author

    mellowb1rd8 years ago

    The CGI looks like it’s taken a huge leap backwards and all people are
    talking about is how did a mosquito feed off the blood of something that
    lived underwater? Who says mosquitos have anything to do with it? That’s
    from the book and was written in medieval times. DNA has since been found
    in the BONES of dinosaurs. (And other creatures from the period. Not
    everything big and dead is a dinosaur)

  14. author

    Chase M8 years ago

    When a Raptor isn’t even wanting to kill you and outruns your bike you know
    you are in trouble……….

  15. author

    aybarker8 years ago

    Then there’s running….and screaming…

  16. author

    Forest Assassin8 years ago

    When will humanity learn that messing with God’s creations doesn’t get them
    anywhere good .

  17. author

    thefashionhoe8 years ago

    Ok I’m not excited anymore, they used too much cgi, and not very
    effectively. The older movies just seemed so incredible. I don’t like that
    none of the cast from the earlier films were included or that it’s cantered
    around a little kid. I especially don’t like that they created a ‘new’
    dinosaur. That just seems so pointless.

  18. author

    Yufeng Lu8 years ago


  19. author

    Scanty Deamon8 years ago

    Yup still extremely excited for this movie love that they are finally
    showing a water based dino in it too,and by the way and am the only one who
    noticed the raptor motorbike scene, and that there was something similar to
    that in the books, lost world I think it was there was a chase between
    raptors and some vehicles of course it’s not the same circumstances or even
    characters … but still cool to think about

  20. author

    Dirt e Deeds8 years ago

    Same thing over and over. Let it die.

  21. author

    Kath Mennella8 years ago

    I really hope they will have one of the original actors

  22. author

    CMA Productions8 years ago

    I really wish Hollywood would go back to using animatronics instead of CG.
    93’s Jurassic Park still looks better than this…

  23. author

    Isai Argueta8 years ago

    You would think that if they did make meat eating dinosaurs they would also
    implant a kill switch on them in case something like this were to happen by
    this movie 

  24. author

    Im Hungry Ok8 years ago

    Who the hell sends their children alone to a island full of dinosaurs? 

  25. author

    Jes Laufeyson8 years ago

    Beautiful, my favorite movie


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