Hollywood Week Part 4 – 22 Solo Performances: Just Singing! – American Idol 2015 – Season 14

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Video title from youtube: Hollywood Week Part 4 – 22 Solo Performances: Just Singing! – American Idol 2015 – Season 14

Video description: 22 Solo Performances. No judging. Just singing. 1. Loren Lott 2. Daniel Seavey 3. “Big Ron” Wilson 4. Shi Scott 5. Adam Lasher 6. Quentin Alexander 7. Maddie…

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14 Responses

  1. author

    Black MenthoL7 years ago

    nick fradiani all the way to the top, im guessing he can sing anything
    while other contestants still searching for the right song lol

  2. author

    Cinder Lux7 years ago

    Big Ron shot himself in the foot when he disrespected that dude. Part of
    getting to the top is dealing with people in a CLASSY manner.

  3. author

    Nu Di7 years ago

    What is the title song of lovey james minute 10.49 ??
    Can u help me please ….

  4. author

    Angela Edwards7 years ago

    I like her look but not her voice. Jax and sarina is the best to me out of
    the girls. 

  5. author

    Fadzly J7 years ago

    why i cant see serena joi crowe?? is she eliminated already ???i likes
    lorren lott and serena joi but i can t see here in solo performence.. sad
    if she got eliminated

  6. author

    gacgirl7 years ago

    don’t know why the girls this season all sing alike and no one with a
    unique voice or standing out at all!!! I am rooting for the boys this
    season. Their voices are refreshing to the ears!

  7. author

    nick albano7 years ago

    My favorites were Jax and Adam 🙂 

  8. author

    dauniqsb7 years ago

    Watch out for the youngster Tyanna Jones very talented young lady she would
    make it far no matter what 

  9. author

    Copyrightbreaker227 years ago

    Jax is my favorite, Daniel Seavey my least favorite

  10. author

    Sao Pooh7 years ago

    She killed skyfall… Wow!

  11. author

    Rian Djita7 years ago

    chris beckham was really impressive

  12. author

    Scott Copeland7 years ago

    The way jax sings is proper annoying

  13. author

    prince vhyngot7 years ago

    JAX all the way to the TOP!!

  14. author

    jesvis manik7 years ago

    Jax’ Realy special…


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