Halloween 3 – Shitcase Cinema review

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Video title from youtube: Halloween 3 – Shitcase Cinema review

Video description: A look at Halloween 3. For (im)mature audiences only. Please note all reviews are very tongue in cheek and not serious, which alot of people seem to overlook.

Video Rating in Youtube: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. author

    SonOfaChaosGod8 years ago

    This was actually a good movie. John Carpenter wanted to make Halloween an
    anthology after killing off Michael in the third one, but a lot of retards
    wanted more Michael Myers instead. And the sequels they made after this
    with Michael were garbage!

    Also, it makes sense when you see the film in context.

  2. author

    mndk1008 years ago

    Check out the Halloween 3 Appreciation Society on facebook.

  3. author

    Tommy Carr8 years ago

    Do you know what? I like halloween 3. I’ve only seen 3 and 2, and I like
    this more than 2. I’m sure the people who requested for Michael Myers
    probably hate the sequels after number 3. And yes, I’m still singing the
    stupid song.

  4. author

    Sam Varney8 years ago

    Tom Atkins moustache is the creepiest thing in the movie! 😉 love ya really

  5. author

    Michael Schaefer8 years ago

    STOP IT!!!

  6. author

    yearoldkisser8 years ago

    I was watching all the Hallowen movies in a row on some marathon, and by
    the time this one came on I had no clue what the fuck was going on…

  7. author

    DeadSirius8 years ago

    3/10?! That’s a generous rating for that piece of shit! :-P

  8. author

    phantomhurricane6668 years ago

    forget Columbo. did you ever watch Diagnosis Murder? starring Dick Van
    Dyke. you may remember him as Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.

  9. author

    Christian Burns8 years ago

    the sidekick was kidnapped murdered and replaced with a robot. 

  10. author

    Jimmy N138 years ago

    Knob head. Clueless knob head. 

  11. author

    Ted Bundy8 years ago

    What I never understood why would a mask maker want to kill off his best

  12. author

    limecat19868 years ago

    Northern England’s answer to redlettermedia

  13. author

    DeathMetalWarrior19918 years ago

    I about fell out of my chair laughing watching this review.

  14. author

    E Boogie8 years ago

    This was a great movie. A classic. John Carpenter was going to bring a lot
    of great stories to the Halloween franchise. But a bunch of narrow minded
    people rather see shitty Michael Myers sequels. All those Michael Myers
    sequels made after Halloween 3 were fucking GARBAGE.

  15. author

    phantomhurricane6668 years ago

    I enjoyed this movie as well.

  16. author

    Heathereesta8 years ago

    hey I like it so just shut up

  17. author

    cohenhaywood108 years ago

    Agree with you completely, Halloween 3 was the last good Halloween film.

  18. author

    chris k8 years ago

    Tom Atkins lives only 4 houses away from where i grew up. My friends and i
    would say hello as we walked past his house and he woudl wave back. you
    would never know that he lived there because it was typical brick home
    didn’t attract any attention. anyway he’s in Brentwood borough of
    Pittsburgh PA.

  19. author

    cohenhaywood108 years ago

    Watched it, and quite enjoyed it as well, cheesy but fun.

  20. author

    Master Betty8 years ago

    yeah this movies alittle corny but its my favorite in the franchiese XD

  21. author

    BoxcarGamer8 years ago

    I gotta be honest now, you would understand everything if you would
    actually pay attention to the story. You just go like “IT’S SHIT OMG WHAT

  22. author

    Dan Hammonds8 years ago

    London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling…err, I mean, Eight
    more days til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…. Great review man. Very

  23. author

    Bluesit328 years ago

    This movie got such an unfair reptutation. If there was no Halloween 2,
    this wouldn’t be so bad. It would make more sense. John Carpenter wanted to
    have a different sort of plot for each film.

  24. author

    Lowdown8548 years ago

    god! i can’t stop singing this song

  25. author

    DanielBowden19758 years ago

    I know what drug that can conjure up bullshit of this magnitude KETAMINE
    gram lines of ketamine. JUST SAY NO KIDS


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