Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Discussion/Review

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Video title from youtube: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Discussion/Review

Video description: So I saw Fifty Shades of Grey. I can’t believe it’s a movie. Even though I had so much fun and enjoyed the movie, this should not have happened. They chose to adapt the most closely related…

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25 Responses

  1. author

    polandbananasBOOKS8 years ago


  2. author

    Scott Sigler8 years ago

    “Bitch stole her sandwich.” 

  3. author

    popglitters118 years ago

    “The only book that has influenced me is the Bible” YESSS Girl! ;)

  4. author

    Edna Toscano8 years ago

    Well, I can’t believe how Twilight became a movie, and how a piece of shit
    it was. Everyone has their own opinion, i know, but i just think you are
    not being fair with your review, all you talk about is how FSOG was a
    Twilight fanfic, same thing happened with the Mortal Instruments and you
    seem to love those very much and you don’t refer to them as HP fanfic, so
    that’s a bit hypocrite. Also, there was NO WAY the three books would fit
    into 1 movie, so don’t say that when you haven’t even read the books.
    Just so you know, i am in no way a FSOG fan, but this “review” was
    nonsense. At least Christine’s review was funny and not rude.

  5. author

    Maddie Geary8 years ago

    I get it the ‘it’s fiction part’ to a degree. I think women who are hitting
    their twenties can know that the abuse in Fifty Shades isn’t ok, nor
    something that should be desired. I think people more have the issue with
    younger girls; girls at fourteen/fifteen who are just learning about
    sexuality. Those girls are hiding the books in their drawers, sneakily
    reading it without their parents knowing. Those girls are being taught that
    Christian is the ultimate man, and what he does to Ana is acceptable.
    But yeah, I mean I still want to see the movie, despite reading the
    trilogy. A lot of times in the books, I cringed at Christian’s manipulation
    and stalker tendencies. I feel confident wanting to see the movie, and
    being able to tell the difference between romance and abuse. Really, just
    any underage girls should stay the hell away from the series. 

  6. author

    emily matthews8 years ago

    lol you kind of explained why this movie is a problem in the end of your
    video. this has become a super successful movie and now hollywood will
    churn out many more like this. movies that glorify abuse. young boys are
    going to see this and think it’s acceptable to treat women like that. it’s
    normalizing manipulative behavior. your defense was that YOU know how to
    separate fiction from reality, but? look at twilight? the effect that it
    had on young kids? this is the same thing. fifty shades is trash

  7. author

    Molly Likovich8 years ago

    Only you can’t honestly say that since you’re obsessed with twilight which
    is an abusive relationship.

  8. author

    Emily Müller8 years ago

    Just a fun fact 😀 fifty shades of grey already sold more tickets then the
    hunger games :D

  9. author

    Jennifer Mathis8 years ago

    I’m absolutely not intending to attack – I am SO not meaning to sound like
    I’m on the attack, but I am genuinely curious about a couple things. How do
    you feel about the fact that the Mortal Instruments was originally Harry
    Potter fanfiction? And, as I was in high school when the first Twilight
    book came out, I do remember a lot of my classmates calling Edward a
    stalker and abuser, so criticism of this nature did exist back when.

  10. author

    amandar918 years ago

    i just recently subscribed to you..which was clearly a mistake lmao

  11. author

    LovingDemBooks8 years ago

    Haha I love how you saw the movie anyways!!
    and wow I never thought that it would be almost a complete copy of
    Twilight… that’s just crazy

  12. author

    David Szalai8 years ago

    If you really think about it, what E.L. James has done is plagiarism XD.

  13. author

    IceQueen9758 years ago

    My counter-point to saying it’s “just fiction”: based on the several
    assaults and rapes coming up after the movie came out, with the guys saying
    they were “reenacting 50 Shades”… yeah… you would be shocked how many
    people are stupid as fuck. Not ment as an attack; just pointing it out.

    Also, this is NOT Erotica. Erotica is a story with good plot and
    characters; there just happens to have sex as well. SMUT is what this shit
    is. This is a sliiiight pet peeve of mine cause I’ve read actual Erotica
    fanfictions (for other books/series though) and the author usually REALLY
    delves into the way the characters tick and the plot they’ve made. So
    calling 50 Shades Erotica is honestly insulting to those authors (both
    original content and fanficiton) who actually make an effort. Note this
    rant is more towards the general populace calling this horrid crap
    “Erotica” instead of “Smut”. Because smut has no plot and this story has

  14. author

    Sam Elizabeth8 years ago

    I can’t believe you read a book like Ugly Love & didnt find that abusive.
    Mhmm. Also, there’s so many romance books that are basically twilight!! I
    swear, the people who really dislike these books talk WAY more about it
    than the people who love it. It will just keep making more money!!!! 

  15. author

    Bash Harry8 years ago

    I think you have a great point but I have to disagree when you say a book
    can’t influence people. Because it definitely can, whether it be the Bible
    or Hunger Games or Fifty Shades, books can shape and form the way we think
    and view the world. To Kill A Mocking Bird’s theme of racism and prejudice,
    1984’s Big Brother aspect and even Hunger Games’s portrayal of glamorized
    violence can influence many people (especially young girls and boys) who do
    not have much knowledge on these topics. So when Fifty Shades romanticizes
    an abusive relationship, it will lead many young girls to aspire for a
    relationship like this and worse, it will make guys believe it is the way
    women want to be treated. Which is why I think books are so important,
    because they can and will influence people, whether they realize it or not.

    Sorry this is so long. Your video is great, but I respectfully disagree
    with that point :)

  16. author

    Tiffany Liu8 years ago

    I love your review and I totally understand why you didn’t read the book
    but had to watch the movie, because that’s how I felt! I did read the book
    (which was crap, I honestly believe the writing was at middle grade level
    but with dirty words), and I did want to watch the movie — too curious,
    and I want to laugh at it too much!
    But then I saw the box office results and was like… Nah, not going to
    contribute to that horrendous number.
    Agree with so many more worthwhile books to turn into films & how did this
    get so popular?
    Also love your comments regarding TMI/TID! I’ve read HP at least 7 times
    and when first reading TMI I NEVER felt any similarity. Anticipating your
    TMI video :-D!
    BTW I hate when people talk about EL James & Cassie together! Ugh!
    Sorry this is a bit long.

  17. author

    cookieaddictions8 years ago

    Question: Did you try to read 50 Shades a long time after being a Twilight
    fan? Cuz I imagine if you were a little over Twilight, then maybe that’s
    why you hated the book. I haven;t read 50 shades so idk. Just a theory.

  18. author

    kaylyn Braga8 years ago

    Nope never read the book. Will never see the movie. Its stupid how this all
    came to be and I agree with u Tash … Why this one. Why would a publisher
    read it and go ” yah,.. Let’s do it” whoever that publisher is (will look
    up after this comment) well,.. I’m sure they’re getting a lot of hate mail
    too. Damn this world is f’d up

  19. author

    jfrsnjhnsn8 years ago

    I haven’t heard anyone attack people for seeing the movie. I have heard
    people attack the movie itself.

  20. author

    BPD Batman8 years ago

    “It’s horrible. It should have stayed fanfiction. Never should’ve been
    published. Never should become a film.” 10:27
    Still, you’re going to watch it on the movie theather. It’s being such a
    success specially because everyone is like “It is a success now. We can’t
    do anything about that.” 10:38 If people didn’t watch it, they wouldn’t
    make movies like this. Just imagine the number of people that are going to
    watch it for the same reason you guys did. This isn’t a good reason.
    I’m kind of disappointed with you guys to be honest for contributing with
    its blockbuster, but whatever, I respect your opinions. I worry about what
    future movies are going to be. (not a hater comment, still like you and
    your videos)

  21. author

    Tashapolis8 years ago

  22. author

    Joana Ramacciotti8 years ago

    i thought his american accent was terrible in the movie!
    It really bothered me throughout the entire thing

  23. author

    Beka G8 years ago

    From the things I’ve read, people are mainly worried about
    books/movies/etc. possibly portraying problematic things as OK. Some things
    have a lot of messed up content, but often you can clearly see it’s messed
    up. When the line is ambiguous, people worry that we’re promoting or
    turning a blind eye to things that might further spread problematic
    attitudes or viewpoints. Regardless though, people shouldn’t be hating on
    anyone else since books and movies are out there for us to dissect if we
    want to. But we should all definitely still talk about what we see and its
    effects, good and bad, so I’m glad you took the time to do that! 

  24. author

    BookChats8 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Natasha! Even though
    I’ve always known 50 Shades was a Twilight fanfiction I didn’t think of
    they way some people might enjoy it specifically because of that so it was
    good to hear from you on that.

    Clearly now that it has done so well all the pieces asking people to
    boycott it, etc. aren’t going to do squat in that regard. The next films
    will get made and honestly, I was pretty sure it would do well before the
    numbers came in based on how buzzy it’s been. I do think a lot of the
    pieces criticizing it are important though for the dialogue they bring up
    about abuse. Abuse and domestic violence are far more pervasive than our
    dialogue about them would have us believe and abusive relationships cross
    socioeconomic barriers more than we want to admit. By identifying this as
    an abusive relationship, these pieces not only open a dialogue about what
    abuse is and looks like, but redefine our perceptions of what an abuser and
    an abused woman look like. (There’s definitely space to continue
    re-defining who is abused and by whom in our public dialogue to more
    accurately match reality, I have a friend whose largest complaint about the
    NFL’s “No More” campaign is that, like much of our dialogue around abuse,
    it implies only women are the target of domestic violence.) When you
    mention that after reading some pieces about Christian’s grooming of Anna
    it affected your perceptions of those scenes, that’s what these pieces, if
    written well, can do. For me, more even than the Twilight films (in which
    Edward comes off way more creepy than the books, IMHO), knowing the
    connection between Christian and Anna and Edward and Bella has made me
    question my perceptions of Edward and Bella’s relationship and

    Trying to wrap this up quickly, I think it super sucks that people have
    attacked you and others for their decision to see the film, but I do think
    there is a place to question people’s decision to support something one
    sees as problematic. One thing I really love about this video is that you
    acknowledge some of the criticism of the film. I’m often worried when I
    see figures online who are looked up to in some way talk effusively about
    something without addressing how it might be perceived as problematic so I
    really really appreciate you addressing that.

    The last thing I want to say (sorry this comment is so long!) is about how
    books and other media can influence us subconsciously or can influence
    society even if consciously we don’t take our cues from it. The really
    short version is that when you talk about allowing fiction to control your
    life you imply that all influence is conscious and that anyone who lets
    fiction influence their lives is, pathetic?, but so many things influence
    our lives by influencing our culture.

    Anyway that’s enough from me, sorry I talked so much and thanks so much for
    addressing concerns in your video and for offering your perspective!

  25. author

    Ingrid Catherine8 years ago

    The only thing i got from this movie is that dakota johnson is much better
    Bella than Kristen stewart ever was hahahah..srly thats my honest opinion..

    About the abuse.. most of the things they do ana agrees with..but there was
    2 scenes where a i was Ooohh Noo you dont get to do that ( the one when he
    “appears” at her flat, and the other one when he surprises her in the hotel
    ) also i felt like there was manipulation on both sides since ana keeps
    trying the whole movie to convice christian that they can hava a normal

    Visually beautifull but lacking tremendously on the writing , but no
    surprises there …

    About the fanfiction fact..i get that the twihard fans are kinda angry
    about that but since im not really a twilight fan ( book and movie ) nor
    fifty shades i dont really have a opinion about it…


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