Exodus: Gods and Kings movie review

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Video title from youtube: Exodus: Gods and Kings movie review

Video description: The story of Moses is being brought to the big screen in a more grand yet more “accessable” fashion. But does it work? Jeremy reviews “Exodus: Gods and Kings” See more videos by Jeremy here:…

Video Rating in Youtube: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. author

    Sam8 years ago

    All the Bible movies are always about One of three things: Jesus, Moses, or
    I would like to see a film about Samson. It could be pretty emotional and
    bad ass at the same time. Jason Momoa would be awesome in that role.

  2. author

    lambo pickle8 years ago

    I’ve seen a surprising lack of religious comment wars, a few, but not near
    the comment sections of some other videos.
    Thumbs up to the Jeremy fan-base.

  3. author

    Kristine Silmaro8 years ago

    I doubt any Moses/Exodus adaptation can beat the Prince of Egypt. Dude,
    that movie is GENIUS. The music, the epic scope, the characters of Moses
    and Rameses, their relationship…… just everything was beautiful and had
    wonderful depth. The plagues were exciting and horrifying, and the parting
    of the Red Sea was appropriately climactic. 

  4. author

    TheCookiezPlz8 years ago

    So many people complaining the movie had too many white people, and I’m
    just here thinking that if someone complained that a movie had too many
    black people the same people complaining now would probably be losing their
    goddamn minds…

  5. author

    JeremyJahns8 years ago

  6. author

    SuperCHARged Productions8 years ago

    What’s with all the white people hate?

    I never realized there’s really that much racism still going around.

  7. author

    sonnytots8 years ago

    Dude, Prince of Egypt is the ULTIMATE movie about exodus! Not only are the
    characters not pasty white, but it’s got great characters and some
    absolutely stunning animation.
    This Exodus movie was just kinda meh for me, I mean the directing was good
    and the cinematography was beautiful, but I wasn’t too keen on the script,
    and I think the movie was pretty miscast.

  8. author

    Charles Larrivee8 years ago

    Jeremy, I salute you. You’re like one of the few critics who didn’t buy
    into the fake “whitewashing” controversy, instead you saw the movie on its
    own merits.

  9. author

    Truthseeker8 years ago

    do dragon blade please! And try not to insult Jackie Chan, please.

  10. author

    Kollin Pork Chop8 years ago

    The second time a Batman has played Moses! Haha

  11. author

    Joshua Oswald8 years ago


    Go watch Prince of Egypt

    Heck, review it while you’re at it.

    It has what you’re looking for.

  12. author

    KingLink958 years ago

    Can there ever be anything on ancient Egypt without people screaming at
    each other about what the color of their skin was?

  13. author

    TIM JACKMAN8 years ago

    really bad movie

  14. author

    The Whole Enchilada8 years ago

    “God uses Science”
    Now that must be a joke. Good review though. 

  15. author

    Jamie Cook8 years ago

    The movie should be called Exodus: White Egyptians, I Guess.

  16. author

    Roy Mustang8 years ago

    Please! Read the BIBLE before talking! This movie is a shame according to
    the actual story

  17. author

    Walter White8 years ago

    Let the religious flame war begin!

  18. author

    Thane39998 years ago

    Personally, my main problem with this movie isn’t isn’t whitewashing.
    Hollywood done this million times before, and will do this million times
    after. Ande beside, Ten Commandants had white actors too, Where were black
    people back than to complain,heh?
    My main problem is that this movie can be directed by anyone, literally.
    Ridley Scott does not bring anything new to this story, that any other
    random person from the street could, beside militant Moses and God in
    child’s body (which I’m sure was done because it’s opossite of an old wise
    man,like a lot ofpeople imagines God to look like). His version of this
    story is uncreative,and his “radical theological” questions and answers,
    were already questioned and answered by EVERY person alive, who actully
    read a Bible. Beside good visuals (which are even better in 3D) it was
    waste of time and for manny even insulting (just not for me). Even acting
    was pretty damn bland, only thing that didn’t made me snore was dialog.

  19. author

    John Striker8 years ago

    The Prince of Egypt >>>>> Exodus: gods and kings

  20. author

    Pers Godiva8 years ago

    Yeah, I’m not seeing this movie. The whitewashing is just insane, nothing
    about it looks even remotely egyptian (clothing etc.) and let’s be real:
    Moses was a shephard. Why is he running around with armour and a sword? WTH

  21. author

    Dale Doback8 years ago

    Why would anyone ever complain about fantastic actors being cast in a
    movie? Joel is phenomenal and Bale is simply a world class actor with
    incredible range and commitment to roles.

    People act like white characters don’t get portrayed by those from other
    races. Smh.

    The fact you can’t discuss this movie without whitewashing coming up shows
    how sad our society is. I think in 2014 there is more racism towards whites
    than any other race in america. We should be trying to eradicate racism all
    together people, get informed. 

  22. author

    Judge Fredd8 years ago

    Egyptians were not black! They were tan, middle eastern, much like today!
    They intermixed with semetic-speakers, the Nubians were black in the
    traditional sense, the kingdoms south of Egypt were black, Egypt, however,
    was not black!

    This is a public service announcement! Thank you for listening.

  23. author

    Zach Morley8 years ago

    What’s wrong with you people? Ramesses II had red hair, long skull, and an
    aquiline nose in real life (hence Caucasoid). The actor playing him in here
    looks even less white than the real body. Edgerton is tan, not pasty white
    in this film. John Turturro, who plays Seti I, has olive skin and curly
    black hair. Christian Bale is the whitest character in the movie, and even
    he has a thick dark beard in this film (giving him a more Hebrew look).
    Where on Earth are you getting the idea that these people are pasty white,
    or that the Egyptians were less white? Ignorance.

  24. author

    Kanker Mongol8 years ago

    Whitewashed? Does no one know history at all? All of northern Egypt was
    populated by ARABS (Caucasians) in ancient times. Evidence?
    Pyramids/statues, paintings and skeletons/mummies! Think logically, black
    people can’t even make a proper house made from sticks and mud, what makes
    you think they can move 2.5 tons of solid stone to make over 100 pyramids?
    The ancient paintings and statues showed all the pharaohs to have a
    caucasoid facial structure (pointy nose) and they also had a RED skin tan.
    Mummies and skeletons are HUGE evidence that they were white simply for the
    fact of the skeletal structures. You people are fucking idiots, as soon as
    you hear “Africa”, you automatically think black culture. Well, woopty doo!
    Go look at a map and you would see that Egypt is literally connected to the
    Middle East at walking distance. That’s like saying the people of Detroit
    are white because it’s in America LMAO.

    P.S. I see that you idiots take the red skin tan as a black color. Well,
    does that mean East Indians are black? Last time I checked, skin tone
    doesn’t determine race, skeletal structure does. Yes, ancient Egyptians had
    a very dark skin tone, but their skeletal/facial structure is classified as
    caucasian. SIMPLE OSTEOLOGY!!!

  25. author

    Thrano8 years ago

    Two things: First, why explain everything with science. Hollywood is taking
    away all the mythical elements of old stories. Like Dwayne Johnson in
    Hercules. Just… why deflate the mythos everywhere?
    Second, I wish the relationship between Moses and Ramses would be more
    conflicting. In like, they both don’t want to go at it with eachother, but
    their positions (being on a mission from God on one hand, and being the
    Pharaoh and trying to keep Egypt’s economy afloat on the other) forcing
    them into battle. Ramses just comes along as this evil, spoiled kid that is
    so jealous of his brother while Moses gets all the character development
    and inner conflict.


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