Big Hero 6 movie review

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Video title from youtube: Big Hero 6 movie review

Video description: We now get Marvel properties in the form of Disney animations! And…it’s an exciting one at that! Jeremy reviews “Big Hero 6”! See more videos by Jeremy here:…

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25 Responses

  1. author

    youngwizardboy78 years ago

    “Modern animations don’t go the extra foot/mile.”
    With How to Train Your Dragon 2 being the one exception.

  2. author

    Ryan Haile8 years ago

    Jeremy do you watch The Legend of Korra? If you wanna watch a “kids” (Don’t
    even know if I can call it that) animation that isn’t afraid to be real and
    say stuff like “dead” (it gets worse than that) you should really watch it.
    I know you did a review of The Last Airbender where you said that you might
    watch the cartoon and I don’t know if you did, but you should and also
    watch the sequel series Legend of Korra which is on it’s final season now
    and I would really like to see a review on that (and the original if you
    could). Not in any way a demand, just a request/recommendation.

  3. author

    Mariah Macklin8 years ago

    I would like to address somethin.
    In frozen (yes I mentioned frozen. Shoot me if you want to. Geez) Hans
    straight up says “YOUR SISTER IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!” So the fact that
    they don’t say that.. Is weird.
    Otherwise I can’t wait 

  4. author

    BlueFox948 years ago

    Honestly, HTTYD 2 will go down as one of the most overrated films of 2014.
    Don’t people realize that it does exactly what typical sequels do–that is,
    just do everything bigger? The only things that truly worked for me in that
    film were the flying sequences (of course) but also the family reunion
    sequence (really emotional stuff). Because those things were genuine and
    fresh. Everything else missed the marks that the first film hit so
    effectively, especially the cookie-cutter, underwritten villain whose final
    showdown was so anticlimactic that my jaw dropped in outrage. Not to
    mention the surprisingly-heavy preachiness of the whole humans and dragons
    should get along together message. In retrospect, I’m not surprised at all
    that audiences didn’t fully resonate with the film.

    If it wins the Oscar, I will be extremely furious. BIG HERO 6 deserves it
    far more and I haven’t even brought up THE LEGO MOVIE–the closest thing to
    a year-defining animated film we have for 2014.

  5. author

    Petar Gulin8 years ago

    my little 7 years old cousin “forced” me to watch this movie, at start i
    was like oh hell i need to suffer trough this but at some point i was more
    hooked up to movie then she was. Really good , interesting movie with plot
    twist . 8/10 for me

  6. author

    Sonic Rose8 years ago

    Hi. I am baymax, your personal health care critic. On a scale of 1-10,
    please rate this movie. You have been a very good audience. Have a lolipop.

  7. author

    JeremyJahns8 years ago

  8. author

    uSiphix8 years ago

    Heres something you may not know:
    If you watch ‘Fight Club’ Backwards its about a guy who tries to commit
    suicide but fails and ends up seeing someone who isn’t really there and
    goes on doing various acts of anarchy until he starts seeing him less and
    less.He ends up going to a bunch of different groups to figure out why he
    is seeing this man because he knows he isn’t real. In the end the group
    therapy cures him but leaves him feeling sad and empty again.

    See…you wouldn’t have known that, shouldn’t have known that. And you will
    probably forget tomorrow! But right now, you know what is unknowable
    because you will never know again what you thought you learned today to
    know tomorrow.

  9. author

    Kristine Silmaro8 years ago

    You talked about animated movies not going through that taboo of directly
    addressing “death….” What about HTTYD 2? A huge character that we all
    loved died in the middle of the movie, and I love how the movie didn’t pass
    over that. We actually see him get killed, we got to see the effects it had
    on the other characters…. hell, there was even a straight up funeral for
    him, and we GOT TO SEE IT.
    I don’t know about Disney, but I definitely feel like Dreamworks has taken
    that extra foot forward with the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

  10. author

    Shoe0nHead8 years ago

    i heard it was the poor man’s iron giant.

    the animation looks cute though.

  11. author

    Yogg Saron8 years ago

    Whaaaaaat? A Disney movie released in theaters which is really good? I
    didn’t see that one from a mile away.

  12. author

    Valeria Cardenas8 years ago

    great…now i’m going to concentrating on finding that Stan lee cameo. I
    think only Dreamworks has the guts to say “dead” now adays. Laika studios
    says it too. I really do wish animation studios wouldn’t back down from
    getting really deep with the emotional parts. It’s like why ware parents so
    scared of their kids seeing real emotion in an animated movie? 

  13. author

    DarkSoul7128 years ago

    I loved this movie! From the excellent animation, to the loveable cast of
    characters and the sad moments that makes you question your manliness, its
    Disney from start to finish, and thats a good thing!

    Its easily the best animated movie of 2014, right alongside HTTYD2. If this
    movie, Frozen, Wreck-it-Ralph, Tangled, Winnie the Pooh and Princess and
    the Frog are not proof enough about Disney having another great Era of
    Animation, then i dont know what the hell would.

    On a side note, i think Yokai is one of the best villains in Disney
    history. Im not going to spoil it, but lets just say that, although i was
    expecting a more “Classic” comic book villain, he was a pleaseant surprise,
    especially coming from Disney.

  14. author

    Camren Slaughter8 years ago

    I love watching grown men in the comments complain about family movies all
    the time. Like does frozen, a princess movie, really affect you so much?

  15. author

    Cláudio Monteiro8 years ago

    This is the best animated movie since Toy Story 3. I absolutely loved it.

  16. author

    VnDsky8 years ago

    All hail How to Train Your Dragon 2. The animated overlord of the
    year…… hell, maybe this whole generation……Seriously, I frickin love
    that movie :D

  17. author

    Rafael Teles8 years ago

    Baymax = One of the cutest Disney characters in recent memory. Just 500%
    Likable, instant fan favorite and he caries the whole movie.

    Fred = just… AWESOME, he is stan lee lost son and, and… He have…. A
    FIRE THROWER! And he has a butler like Batman!

    Hiro = ZERO charisma, jesus! Even Princess Merida is a more charismatic
    character then him.

  18. author

    GamerOfChaos8 years ago

    I thought it was extremely cliched and very predictable. It was hard to get
    into it when you could easily predict each note. 

  19. author

    Daniella Dahoui8 years ago

    The weird thing is that in other languages, Hiro does say “He’s DEAD!” My
    guess is that the American censors thought that “dead” was too strong a
    word, and forced them to change the word “dead” to “gone” even though there
    was clearly a death. Which is odd, since that didn’t stop other Disney
    films from using that word, and they do use that word earlier in the film.

    Only two issues for me was that the villain I could tell who it was (though
    some people admitted that they didn’t see it) and I wanted to see more
    character development with the other members of the team, since they were a
    lot of fun and it’s a shame we didn’t learn more about them or have them
    more involved. I know it’s Hiro’s story, but they should also be a part of

    Either way, I LOOOOOOVED Big Hero 6!

  20. author

    Flaming bunny8 years ago

    Whats with the HTTYD 2 hate? HTTYD 2 is amazing. Sure the villain has
    problems. But everything else was AMAZING. You people need to watch the
    movie again. Because obviously you didn’t pay attention AT ALL. Or you guys
    are just hating it.. for being a sequel.

    Seriously the reason why you Americans like BH6 or Lego better is because
    it spoon feeds EVERYTHING to you. HTTYD 2 doesn’t spoon feed things to
    you.. and you have to actually *gasp* THINK.
    In short

  21. author

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  22. author

    scottski028 years ago

    To any Knights of the Old Republic fans out there, did the villain in this
    movie like a lot like Darth Nihilus, or it just me?

  23. author

    Victus8 years ago

    All I’m saying, is if this movie beats How to Train Your Dragon 2, and wins
    an oscar just because it has the “Disney” label slapped on it, I’m fuckin
    done. Especially considering the fact that it pretty much copies the entire
    premise of HTTYD!
    I’m not going to hate on it otherwise, I’m sure it has some “uniqueness” to
    it in comparison to HTTYD, but Disney pulled a fuckin insta-win with that
    bullshit that was essentially the same movie 3x in a row (Toy Story 3), but
    there’s no way in hell Big Hero 6 can or ever will be better than How to
    Train Your Dragon 2.

  24. author

    SenshiSam8 years ago

    Wait?! They never said dead? In the latin spanish version at the end he
    said “he is dead”… weird.

  25. author

    MatthewLedZepfan8 years ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought they did say “dead” in the movie?


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