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Video description: A spoiler-heavy review of Avengers: Age of Ultron! CHECK OUT MOVIE T-SHIRTS: http://shrsl.com/?~7vu5 JOIN SCHMOEVILLE: http://bit.ly/1NaiRAS The Schmoes don’t hold back with a spoiler-laden.

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24 Responses

  1. author

    schmoesknow8 years ago

    The Schmoes don’t hold back with a spoiler-laden review of Avengers: Age of
    Ultron…see the flick first, then come here and watch the boys’ take!
    Comment with yours!

  2. author

    Creative8 years ago

    Kristian was honest from the get-go…movie wasn’t what was expected

  3. author

    Alex Naoum8 years ago

    Am I remembering correctly that the event that sets the anti-superhero
    sentiment going happens in AoU? I thought I read Feige confirming that

  4. author

    Rodney de la Cruz8 years ago

    At the end of the movie Thor Clearly Explains the Infinity Gems and The
    Soul Gem that 4 have appeared of the six and that his vision had to do
    with the thing that was behind the scenes orchestrating the whole thing.
    Also Ultron was fine and Thanos is going to be the Villain at the to of the
    hill. TMCU know this so they can’t give you a villian that is going to
    outshine that one goal.

  5. author

    Mr Django8 years ago

    1. Captain America:
    The Winter Solider
    2. Avengers Age of Ultron.
    3. Avengers Assemble.
    4. Thor.
    5. Iron Man.
    6. Guardians of the Galaxy.
    7. Iron Man 2.
    8. Captain America:
    The First Avenger.
    9. Thor The Dark World.
    10. The Incredible Hulk.
    11. Iron Man 3. 

  6. author

    Georges Papageorgiou8 years ago

    I thought this film had dark undertones ..the whole dream sequences and
    death at the end ..I think this one blows the first one out of the water 

  7. author

    egodrive8 years ago

    Nice review. I feel like I’m the only one who wanted less Hawkeye &
    Bratasha and more of Ultron & the twins.
    Still one of the best MCU movies though. IM > The Avengers > Cap 2 > AoU >
    the rest

  8. author

    Chad Hotelling8 years ago

    When The Vision hands Thor his hammer, my entire theater went “OOOOOOOOOOH

  9. author

    carloswachuwa138 years ago

    8/10! (or 4/5 according to the SchmoesKnow rating system.)
    Might drop down to a 7.5(3.5) because I’ve only seen it once so far and I
    need to watch it again without my fanboy bias kicking in.

  10. author

    soldiermajor8 years ago

    man i would not have been surprised if ultron began to sing a disney
    princes song, this “villain” was weak as fuck . and the trailer was
    misleading thought he would be a darker character. and by the way when he
    said : if only i could vomit in my own mouth i felt like slapping him

  11. author

    Midnight Overlord8 years ago

    This film sucked from a technical/objective standpoint, but was still
    entertaining and better than the first Avengers film. Regardless, Star Wars
    will SHIT on this movie.

  12. author

    AwkwardMeerkat8 years ago

    Was i the only one that hated Quicksilver, like i loathed his very
    existence in this movie.

  13. author

    Rene Carbajal8 years ago

    also, Thanos put on the Gauntlet but didn’t have Any of the gems on it. So
    all the solo films will have him searching for them. which will be awesome.

  14. author

    IIKaiserII8 years ago

    Why has everyone forgotten Bruce Banners girlfriend and soulmate from The
    Incredible Hulk???

    That movie is still MCU canon. Tony Stark/RDJ even popped up in that movie
    in the after the credits and met with General Ross. He even told him about
    The Avenger Initiative. Ruffalo is just a recast of Norton. It isn’t a
    reboot. So why has Whedon forgotten about his backstory?

  15. author

    BlackRice198 years ago

    I’d disagree about the notion that Ultron doesn’t fight the Avengers. He
    fights Iron Man in Ulysses Klaue lair. He fights Captain America on top of
    that truck. He fights The Vision, Thor, Quicksilver, Hulk, and Iron Man
    again in the climax in Sokovia. He got his hands more dirty than Loki did. 

  16. author

    oliver small8 years ago

    I hated this movie, every time I got into it, the characters would make the
    most cheesy one liners, it killed the entire movie for me.

  17. author

    Vinh Tran Quang8 years ago

    How else are you gonna do a final fight in an Avengers movie without a
    villain army?

  18. author

    Kim Taylor8 years ago

    I loved the opening because it picked up RIGHT where Agents of SHIELD left
    off. That was a seamless transition for the people who actually watch the
    show. But the whole movie was great, a bit much story, but still great as
    long as you keep up,

  19. author

    Roni Rios8 years ago

    Is it just me? or are people finally starting to realize most marvel films
    are just meh. Expceptions Cap2, Avengers, and GOTG… Hopefully antman is
    good and it takes us back to a better time.

  20. author

    Grant Hamilton8 years ago

    I never thought Black Widow liked Cap. They’ve always had a friendly

  21. author

    Luiz Fernando Cavalcanti dos Santos8 years ago

    You didn’t even mentioned Vision here…

  22. author

    superherofan248 years ago

    Ultron went down like a bitch. That was one of the problems with the movie.
    The other was the Hulk/Black Widow romance. I thought that was unnecessary.

  23. author

    bgkid148 years ago

    See Kristian I understand what you’re saying with the final scene being
    kinda repetitive but with the Avengers they have to face a army. That’s the
    only way they are given a challenge or are threatened. Now Infinity War 1 &
    2 might be different because who their going against but I don’t see that
    as a flaw in the movie. And I have also seen the film twice. 

  24. author

    29AndreG8 years ago

    Avengers: Age of Ultron:

    Positives: great chemistry from the cast; great performances from James
    Spader as Ultron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen as
    Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as The Vision; well done visual effects, fun
    action sequences and great fight scenes.

    Negatives: When Ultron becomes evil. When Ultron activates (and I mean Tony
    Stark finished programming him and he just turned on), He just starts
    looking up what humans did in the past, and then he turns on the Avengers.
    That’s it. That felt rushed.

    Mixed: The foreshadowing to future events. I wanna say they’re marketing
    the later movies, then again, it also foreshadowing what gonna happen to
    these characters and reveals their pasts.

    Final Verdict: 9.9/10 I highly recommend it.


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